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Unlocking the Potential of Tech Leadership with Coaching, Community, and Consistency

Key Takeaways

  • Coaching serves as a crucial catalyst and framework for transformative leadership, guiding individuals toward their professional goals through specialized and personalized advice.

  • Community plays a pivotal role in shaping one's professional growth, acting as an ecosystem that reflects and influences work ethics, leadership styles, and attitudes toward innovation.

  • Consistency is key to mastering skills and achieving transformational leadership, requiring continuous effort, a mindset for improvement, and the application of lessons from coaching and community.

  • Transformational leadership in the technology sector goes beyond mastering technology; it demands continuous self-improvement and personal development.

  • Adopting Jay Shetty's '3 Cs of Transformation'—coaching, community, and consistency—offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing and empowering emerging tech leaders for the challenges ahead.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, transformative leadership is not just a matter of navigating new software or mastering innovation. It's a journey that requires continual self-improvement and transformation.

In his book “The 8 Rules to Love”, global bestselling author Jay Shetty introduces the 3 C’s of Transformation: Coaching, Community, and Consistency.

As you may have guessed by the title, Jay’s book is not about technology and leadership. Rather, Jay shares the wisdom of both Vedic and modern science to tackle the relationship cycle, from first dates to moving in together to breaking up and starting over. I strongly recommend it.

This may seem like a stretch, but I believe some of Jay's teachings carry into leadership. So today, we will explore Jay’s “3 Cs of Transformation” in preparing emerging technology leaders for the road ahead (and for love?)


From my experience, coaching acts as the catalyst for genuine, lasting transformation.

Think of coaching as the map that guides you through the terrain of community and consistency. It’s the compass that keeps you pointed toward your true north. Without effective coaching, your efforts risk being rudderless, no matter how consistent you are or how supportive your community is.

Coaching provides a framework for development and assists leaders in honing their technical and soft skills. At its core, coaching provides a blueprint for success.

Often, the most effective coaching can come from a senior colleague, a more experienced peer, or even a digital platform for leadership development. The essence of coaching lies in the targeted guidance it provides to help you move in the direction that aligns with your professional goals.

During my career, I have had great experiences with several coaches. As a young entrepreneur, I began working with a business coach who helped guide me through the initial stages of my company. Over the years, I have also worked with presentation, image, and fitness coaches who have aided me throughout my journey.


Community is the following cornerstone of the 3Cs. In technology, the people you surround yourself with don't just mirror your behaviours; they can amplify or stifle your professional growth. Think of the community as an ecosystem where you absorb work ethics and attitudes toward innovation, leadership styles, and problem-solving abilities.

I am very fortunate to have developed and maintained close friendships over the years. My friends provide support as life presents both challenges and opportunities.

I also benefit from my peer advisory group, which has guided my leadership and entrepreneurial journey. My peer group includes 14 other entrepreneurs who are always willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned.


Achieving mastery over any skill requires consistent effort over time. This concept is perhaps more relevant in the technology industry, given its rapid changes. Consistency is about more than just showing up and doing your job. It's about showing up with a mindset for improvement and evolution, day in and day out. It’s a concerted effort to apply the lessons gained from coaching and the values and ideas absorbed from your community to make incremental yet impactful changes.

Your coaches and community can support and guide you, but ultimately, you must walk the transformation path. What consistent efforts are you making to become a great leader?

The journey toward transformational leadership in the technology industry is intricate, challenging, but incredibly rewarding. By focusing on coaching, community, and consistency, we don’t just navigate this journey; we chart a path for others to follow.

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