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Overcoming Job Loss: Strategies for Finding Renewed Purpose

Key Takeaways

  • The loss of a job in the technology sector, while challenging, presents an opportunity for personal growth and introspection.

  • Coaching, journaling, and a solid support system are crucial in navigating the tumultuous period following job loss.

  • Self-reflection and reconnecting with one's values and purpose can lead to discoveries of new paths and opportunities.

  • Furthering education during this period can rekindle entrepreneurial zeal and expand professional skill sets.

  • Seeking professional help and reaching out for support can significantly ease the transition and help in finding new directions.


The trajectory of our professional lives, especially in the unpredictable landscape of technology, is seldom linear. Periods of significant achievement and recognition often juxtapose with moments of uncertainty. Among these challenging junctures, the loss of a job stands out as a uniquely demanding experience, profoundly resonant and universally challenging.

Recent shifts in the economic atmosphere have rendered job losses in the technology sector more commonplace. From the outside, this might appear as mere statistics, but behind each number is an individual grappling with a spectrum of emotions, from deep-seated sadness to palpable frustration.

The narrative of my own professional journey presents a parallel. Over a decade ago, I embarked on an entrepreneurial voyage by establishing a communications agency. After ten tumultuous and rewarding years, I handed the baton to new leadership. Ironically, not long after this transition, I found myself without a role in the very organization I had nurtured from its infancy. A scenario similar to the tale of Steve Jobs and his dismissal from Apple, the very titan he had co-founded.

The aftermath of this abrupt transition was far from easy. My thoughts entangled me, ceaselessly replaying the events leading up to my departure, searching for answers and clarity. Sleep brought little peace as my subconscious played out these scenarios, night after night. The usual activities that brought joy and diversion, like hiking or paddling, were overshadowed by the weight of my recent loss.

Yet, in adversity, there often lies opportunity. The events that unfolded after my job loss provided invaluable lessons and opportunities for introspection.

  • Coaching: Not long after my professional setback, I sought solace and guidance from my coach. His empathy and support, coupled with activities that fuelled self-awareness and introspection, were instrumental in navigating the initial turbulence. Together, we visited the important topics of living a life of purpose and a life that is in alignment with our values.

  • Journaling: In moments when professional accomplishments seemed distant, I turned to a journal. Documenting daily moments of gratitude, instances of kindness, and life goals offered a broader perspective, anchoring me during these unsettling times. Journaling was an excellent tool for helping integrate my emotions with the logical thoughts ruminating within my mind.

  • Support Systems: My circle of friends, family, and peer group proved invaluable. Conversations, shared moments, and their unwavering belief in my abilities provided the much-needed anchor, reminding me of life's broader tapestry beyond professional endeavours.

  • Self-Reflection: Solitary moments by the water became my sanctuary for introspection. It was during these times of reflection that I unearthed my deeper purpose – to uplift and aid others in unlocking their potential. This revelation paved the way for creating Thought Collective with my co-founder, a global peer advisory network for leaders.

  • Education: During this period, I also returned to academia. Enrolments in certificate programs at Cornell University and Harvard Business School not only honed my skills but reignited the entrepreneurial zeal that had been my companion a decade ago.

Loss of a job is undeniably a formidable challenge, its nuances unique to each individual. While my strategies proved beneficial in my journey, they are only a starting point. It's imperative to remember that seeking professional help during such times can be immensely helpful.

To my colleagues and anyone navigating this challenging phase of their career, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to offer support and guidance in any way I can.

Always remember, after the darkest night, there's a bright day ahead.

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